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8 July 2008 @ 9am

Tools, API’s, and other stuff

A random collection of tools and API’s that I find interesting or useful.


The LLVM/Clang static analyzer is a standalone tool that find bugs in C and Objective-C programs. Paul Kim has written a nice little intro/overview of LLVM/Clang


A collection of source from different Google projects. Includes an iPhone unit test suite based on OCUnit.

Gus Mueller’s excellent SQLite wrapper. If you know JDBC you’ll be up and running in record time.

Box2D is a 2D physics engine. Create 2D worlds with objects and joints then set them in motion. Box 2D will crank out their interactions. Although the website does not explicitly mention it the download comes with an XCode project ready to go with a graphical testbed for playing around with the API.


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