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28 January 2009 @ 10am

Babelingo, General, iPhone

Babelingo flashes across millions of screens.

When I say ‘flashes’ across screens I mean it literally. I was reading through the latest blog posts over at tap tap tap and was looking at a screenshot where their Tipulator apps icon showed up in one of the latest commercials. “Pretty cool”, I was thinking. And then out of the corner of my eye I noticed something familiar crying out to me. “Holey moley!!”, that was Babelingo’s icon on the same screen just a few places over.

Babelingo in an Apple commercial

I was floored. For however brief a second you can see it in the latest iPhone commercial titled ‘Read‘ or the one that featues the sweet book app Classics (also from tap tap tap). The Babelingo icon shows up at the very begining of the commercial as the hand swipes through the second screen of iPhone apps.


Babelingo also makes a brief cameo appearance in the commercials ‘Fix’ and ‘Check’.

Babelingo in \'Fix\'.

Babelingo in \'Check\'.

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18 March 2009 @ 5pm

I saw this too! At the time, I thought, now why would a picture of a brain be on there. And lo-and-behold , it was the Babelingo logo….I guess the logo looking like a brain is a good thing, since that is where speech originates.

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