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11 July 2008 @ 7am



Well the day of the AppStore launch is finally here. Actually, it kinda sneaked in through the side door a little early but who’s counting. I know it’s been a little quiet around here but June was one crazy month and then I dove head first into a pile of code when I finally was able to be in one place longer than a few hours. That morsel of goodness has been an absolute blast to write and has now been blessed with a name. That name is “Babelingo“. You can find a copy in the AppStore under the travel category (in no coincidence with my recent life experiences). I think that it’s a pretty solid 1.0 and I’ve really tried to make it as usable and polished as possible. Even with that though a first patch update is already in the works with a few minor fixes.

Check out the Babelingo website for a short 40 second demo. I tried out Vimeo for the embedded video and I’m a little less than happy with the rendered quality. It’s a little grainy. I may switch to a different service but I liked that fact that with Vimeo I could remove all controls initially except for the play button. The sound quality is a little rough too in my opinion (anyone have a professional recording studio that I could monopolize for a short while?).

I have a lot of features that I could implement in Babelingo for a next major release. The trick will be in picking the right ones to keep the app simple and focused. More languages and phrases are a given for a 1.1 release. I will, however, need to keep my development wanderlust in check. I seem to have developed in a keen interest in the excellent Box2d physics engine… who knows where that is headed 😉

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11 August 2008 @ 10am

what is the Box2d physics engine?

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